Tax Return

Use Your Tax Return to Buy or Lease Today!

 Max Your Tax

If you are one of many Tuscaloosa drivers who are waiting for the arrival of a large tax refund, your mind may be swirling with wonderful ideas for how you will spend the money. You could easily waste away the money without much thought on frivolous things, or you could be smart about how you maximize its benefits by making a meaningful purchase. The reality is that this may be the only large influx of cash that you get your hands on for the next few months or longer, so you need to take full advantage of the opportunity that it provides. If you have been increasingly frustrated with how outdated or unreliable your current vehicle is, it makes sense to stop by our Kia dealership and to explore our new models. Using your tax refund to make a down payment on a much-needed new car is an excellent idea, and taking home a beautiful new Kia can improve your quality of life tremendously in the years ahead.

 Calculate How Much You Can Afford

At our Kia dealership, we maintain competitive prices on quality vehicles, so you can feel confident that you will get a great deal when you make a purchase with us. However, the question of affordability based on your specific financial situation is important to explore. With a convenient auto affordability calculator on our website, you can quickly and easily estimate your monthly payment or an affordable sales price based on the down payment amount available. You can also adjust the loan or lease term through the calculator to see how a longer or shorter term may affect affordability. This calculator can give you an idea about how affordable a new Kia purchase may be, but the best way to get firm details is to request assistance from our financing department. Our Kia dealership’s financing department can put together a selection of loan or lease terms that you may qualify for through our network of affiliated banks and lenders.


 Put a Down Payment Towards Buying a New or Used Kia Vehicle

The decision to use your tax refund on a down payment for a new Kia is not a matter to take lightly. If you decide to take home a new Kia soon, you can appreciate the benefits of new car ownership. This includes driving a quality vehicle that is under a manufacturer’s warranty and that comes with the latest features. A larger down payment enables you to set up more affordable payments, and these lower payments can help you to live more comfortably in the years ahead.

By choosing to use your tax refund on a down payment for a new Kia, you may also be able to afford a nicer Kia with even more enhanced features than you may otherwise have been able to afford. Another potential benefit is the substantial auto equity that is built directly in your vehicle from the start. Keep in mind that vehicle equity can be applied toward the purchase of a newer model down the road.

We are excited to tell you about the many features in our current models and to help you compare the trims with a test drive. Stop by our local Kia dealership today for assistance with your upcoming car purchase.